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Some impressions of Mary with shoes...

Sexy lges and very hot shoes...

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Marys shoes

To tell you the truth:
I don't know what shoes Mary has. I also don't know how many shoes she owns. Although I know her for some years, I've never been to her home and never seen her shoecloset.

But i can imagine that she has some really pretty and sexy shoes, as she is a very sexy girl!

The following pics are from a photo session we had when she needed some pics for her (ex-) boyfriend.

Buffalo leather highheels Like weapons!

Very sexy boots OMG

Look at these legs!

These are her own boots HOT HOT HOT legs!

Here some snapshots I made when she visited us for a party...
Partypic Mary in her Jeans Sexy ass!

This is a videoscreenshot of her shoes she wore when she flattened my cock unknowingly for the first time.
Mary flattens my cock under her heel...