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Hi everybody!

Since many years,
my greatest wish was to get my cock stepped on by a girl unknowingly!

Good to have
a housemate...

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Updated whenever possible:
Unknown cockcrush sessions with my housemate...

How it began - the early years

I don't know when or how my shoefetish started.
All I can remember: I have it for a long time, it must have begun in the early 1980s.

I remember that I always loved to be surrounded by women's boots and shoes and also was very happy when something came under the shoes and was crushed by the weight of the girl or woman, preferably unknown.

There were many sexy shoes around me in the 80s, my mom or my aunt owned many boots and shoes and I remember well that I always felt very attracted by those shoes.
Until my puberty, I never knew about the deep sexual component of that fetish.
I used the shoes sometimes to rub my cock on them.
When my mother wore the shoes, I often placed tiny toys beneath them and she crushed them without knowing it or without thinking about it...

The shoes took up a lot of time of my life, in the past and today.
Everywhere and everytime, I tried to find shoes:
At my aunts, my grandma, friend's mothers, even at school...

My grandma was the first woman in my life who stepped on my cock unknowingly:
I took a pair of my mothers leather pumps and asked my grandma to put them on, to make a "fashion show", as I told her.
Grandma had to wear a blindfold. She did it, today I wonder if she knew what I was doing right beneath her feet...
So we started that first session in my life: She sat on a chair, I sat on the floor in front of her and tried to get my cock under the shoes. It was very intense for me. She didn't really "step" on it, it was more pushing and squeezing.
We did that quite often, maybe twice a month. Always very short, never longer than ten minutes.

One day, grandma tried to put on my mothers boots, very tight brown leather boots without zipper.
Blindfolded again, she pushed her foot down into the shoe and my cock was on the floor under the sole.
Suddenly I had a strong ejaculation, the first in my life! Grandma continued stepping on my cock as she had no idea of what had happened under her foot...
That was very intense for me, my cock was pumping under her pushing foot and she crushed the mess under the bootsole!
With that knowledge, I repeated that setup several times...
Then, for a long time, I didn't get the opportunity to have a woman step on my cock again.

First contacts with girls *real life*

1993 I had a girlfriend, she was the first girl whom I told about my fetish. She accepted it and I had the chance to have my cock flattened under a girl's shoes.
She owned many sexy shoes and boots and she stepped on my cock quite often. Naturally, we also had sex but for me it was more interesting to put my cock under her shoes. She left me in 1996 but I still have some of her shoes: I kept her shoes...

The following year I had to live without a girl, only short liaisons. One girl borrowed me her Buffalo boots for some days (I told her that I need shoes for some artwork), she soon demanded them back but I had the chance to abuse them a little bit...

I had many object crushed unknowingly by women in that time in a discotheque, chocolate bars and so on, also small toycars.
Sometimes I ejaculated in a condom and placed it beneath the dancing girls. It was great to see the girls crush my sperm without taking care...
Most times, they didn't even realize that they crushed a condom under their shoes.
It really was a great time, I wish I had the knowledge in those days that I have today!

There is one event to report: I have a "half-cousin", very nice girl! I didn't know about her until one day I visited my aunt. My aunt also has great, really great, shoes and boots, and she knows about my shoefetish. Not about the p-crush.
This cousin was kind of in love with me, but as she is from Serbia she didn't want a relationship with me, so we only met twice and kissed a little bit. She was a little corpulent and wore extreme sexy laced boots, with rugged soles and flat heel. I told her about my dream and for her it was no problem, so we had a little cockcrush session with those boots. Not long, but intense! At first, she was anxious and feared that she could hurt me. Then she shifted weight and my swollen cock was flattened under her boot. She stood there for maybe two minutes, and when she lifted her foot it was a great feeling. After that, I never saw her again but we still have contact via internet. Very sad, I don't have shoes from her.

1998, I met my next girlfriend. Cute girl, nurse, but not much understanding for my fetish.
She had some shoes, nothing to get excited about... so I bought some new shoes and boots for her.
I tried to explain my needs to her, but she never really understood why she should step on my cock. When she did it (not often), her ignorance often brought pleasure and pain to me. She was annoyed and then really didn't take care what she was doing to me...
I remember a great p-crush, we went out one night and she wore very sexy platform pumps and nylon stockings (she looked stunning) and we waited for some friends to pick us up. I said: Please step on my cock, she did it without any passion - the hard heel was intense and then my swollen glans slipped out under the pressure. It was really painful but in that moment I jerked off and the goo shot against her heel. In that moment, the doorbell rang and we had to leave. My pants were wet and her heel also, she didn't notice it! It was a great evening...
She ended the relationship end of 2001, I kept some of her shoes: Her shoes...

Also in 2001, my stepfather married again and so I got something like a distantly related stepsister. At that point of time, she was 23 years old and moved with her mother to his house. I don't live there anymore, only sometimes when I was in the house, I took a glimpse at her shoes. There were some nice pairs and I abused them a little bit and four or five times also made a short candid clip. Stepsisters shoes...
She lives in Switzerland today, I don't see her anymore.

Today - wonderful life with my wife

2002 I met my wife. She's also a nurse, I told her very early about my fetish and it's still great! She had not much shoes when I met her for the first time. But she found it interesting to crush things (and also my cock) under her shoes.
Her nickname is Iffelmaus and we founded our website "Iffelmaxe.com". In 2008, we married. Sometimes, we had more than 400 shoes in our closet.
We have much fun with the shoes, I appreciate it much when she takes her shoes to play with me...
All is perfect, but I sometimes really miss that unknown cockcrush. It's more intense for me when the girl don't know what happens under her feet, or that something happens!
In some series which we made for the websites, we had a good friend (IffelDana) who also stepped on my cock. But always planned, always knowing what was happening.
My tiny cock is trapped under Danas sexy boots... I made a setup where Dana was blindfolded, wearing very hot brown leather boots on the cockboard. That was kind of unknown p-crush. Dana was lead by Iffelmaus and had to fumble around with the boots until she crushed my cock. That was one of the great events for me, she stepped on it maybe three times with full weight. Then my cock was trapped between sole and heel, it was really painful and she just stood there and didn't even notice my manhood under her weight. WOW!

Some more impressions of Dana...

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