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Some shoes of my other exgirlfriend...

She had extreme
hot legs and a wellformed body!

My housemate crushes my cock unknowingly under her boots

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Some shoes of my ex-girlfriend...

Platform sandals. Nothing special, but the tread of the heel is more brutal than I thought. That's why I only asked her once to step on my cock with these shoes.
When she lowered her heel, the tread dug deep and hard into my swollen glans and it felt as if my cock would explode under her foot... But I really like them!

Her Sketchers slippers. She wore them at home and in summer. We never did any cockcrush with them, but I often put my penis into them, which she didn't know and then she put them on - nice!

I like these pumps, because they are perfect for putting my cock in and then jerking into them. I can think of her hot feet, how they were inside the shoes and now my cock is where these divine feet once were...
The heels of those shoes are really brutal, it's nonessential to have your cock under them... ;-)
And with her bad temper, I only did it once!

These were a present from me. Soft leather, merciless heels. When we were together, she didn't wear them often. Only once, she parked the heel on my cock, when she ironed her clothes. She had absolutely no interest in my fetish and so these steps were very, really very painful. She bruised my glans under the sharp heel and stood on it with her whole weight.
Two years after she left me, I got these boots from her!

Some rare photos of her wearing the shoes. Look at these powerful legs! You can imagine how she crushed my manhood under these... The left pic I made the day she stood on my manhood!

Nice patent leather bootees. She liked them and wore them very often. They got a new heel. The first one was better (harder and sharper). She stepped on my cock with them a few times, without any enthusiasm :-(
But I'm happy that they're mine now...

Very sexy Buffalo boots, style 24400T.
These boots really drove me crazy! She stepped on my cock with them only one time, but it was an incredible feeling!
The right pic I made when she was sitting at her desk.

Her boots in the closet...